Naked Brit evades police in Tokyo palace moat – for a while

A bald, naked man who said he was a British tourist went swimming in the moat of Japan’s Imperial Palace, climbing the palace wall, throwing rocks and splashing water at police before being taken into custody.

Television footage showed the tall man getting out of the water at one point, chasing police with a rock and a plastic construction site pole.

He then went back to the murky water and swam across to the other side of the moat, climbing up the 8-meter stone wall of the palace.

He was caught by two policemen, after a chase that lasted for an hour and a half.

Why do people get so loonie on vacation?


  1. K B

    North Lido taught me a couple of things in the ’70s: (A) There’s nothing very remarkable about a nude beach, and (B) Most people are better off leaving their clothes on.

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