Biggest organized crime threat in the United States – is Mexican

Mexican soldier guards a Tijuana police station
Daylife/AP Photo by Guillermo Arias

“Mexican drug trafficking organisations represent the greatest organised crime threat to the United States,” says the annual National Drug Threat Assessment, drawn up by the justice department’s National Drug Intelligence Center.

“The influence of Mexican drug trafficking organisations over domestic drug trafficking is unrivalled,” the report says.

Mexican gangs control distribution in most US cities and are gaining strength in areas they do not yet control, the study finds.

Mexican gangs maintain cross-border communication centres near the US border to co-ordinate smuggling, using satellite technology, VOIP, and encrypted messages.

See – there are some IT professionals in North America who don’t have to worry about outsourcing.

One comment

  1. moss

    It surely is – in my county in New Mexico. Not the outsourcing – the drug dealing. Also the murder, carjacking and burglary.

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