Wage freezes start to reverse. Bigger paychecks on a comeback

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More employers are planning to reverse pay cuts and other employee cutbacks, another sign that the employment picture is improving, according to a survey released the end of last week.

The percentage of employers who will reverse pay cuts jumped to 44% in August from 30% just two months ago, consulting firm Watson Wyatt said.

About one-third of companies plan to unfreeze salaries within the next six months, up from 17%, according to the report that surveyed 175 large employers.

“Some employers are seeing the light at the end of tunnel and feeling optimistic,” said Laura Sejen, a director at Watson Wyatt, in a statement..

Almost one-quarter of employers plan to reverse reductions to 401(k) match contributions in the next six months, up from just 5% in June.

However, health care did not fare as well. The survey found 66% of companies that increased the percentage employees pay for health care premiums do not expect to reverse that decision.

And 40% are planning to increase the percentage employees pay for health care premiums. About the same number expect to increase the deductibles, co-pays or out-of-pocket maximums for 2010 health care plans.

The last-noted being yet another reason for healthcare reform in the United States.

Too bad, the sentiment among Democrats is as spineless as ever. Demonstrations against war don’t affect them. The early successes of the Stimulus barely sink in. Demonstrations against progressive measures do.

I’m afraid the few Americans who read beyond the sports page will just have to keep fighting as an insurgency – in the Land of Compromise and Cowardice.

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Written by Ed Campbell

August 17, 2009 at 9:00 am

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