Jilted bridegroom sues runaway bride for leaving him at altar

An Italian bridegroom jilted at the altar by his future wife is suing her for €500,000 in compensation for the “emotional distress” of being dumped in the first case of its kind.

The 32-year-old groom, who has been named only as Riccardo R in court papers due to privacy laws – was dumped in a message delivered by the 30-year-old bride’s brother at the altar in front of stunned family and friends.

He had spent thousands of euros on the church wedding, which was due to take place in Rome two weeks ago, including a lavish reception at a top hotel and an exotic Pacific honeymoon.

His legal team said that Riccardo had needed hospital treatment for “hyperventilation and stress” after being told by the bride’s brother that she had left him as she was “in love with another man” with whom she had been having an affair for several months. Court prosecution documents state that there was “no justifiable motive” for the woman, known as Claudia, to dump her intended husband at the altar and that therefore she should be “liable for compensation for the emotional damage she had caused”…

The case has been filed in the Rome civil court and a medical certificate showing Riccardo’s admission to hospital was also submitted as evidence. The compensation claim has been broken down into €229,000 for costs associated with the wedding, €150,000 for moral damages and €120,000 for psychological damages as well as €1,000 court costs.

Har! I understand it – and it can be a 2-way street, of course. Should be a hell of an interesting trial – especially in a macho nation like Italy.

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