Carjacker gets one-way ride to jail – right through the door!

Dude picked the wrong woman driver to mess with!

A carjacker was delivered to police in an unexpected way Tuesday afternoon.

The garage is where Kansas City, MO, police officers pick up and drop off prisoners every day. Tuesday afternoon, though, it wasn’t an officer who did the dropping off; it was a woman who drove her carjacker straight through police headquarters.

“He said ‘drive bitch or I’ll blow your head off,'” said Rayna Garrett. Garrett said that’s what the man said to her after he latched onto her hood while she drove down U.S. 71 near 28th Street.

“I was driving down the highway and he was in the middle of the street. I tried to go around him and he just jumped on the hood,” Garrett explained.

Garrett described her 15 minute, 10 block drive to police headquarters in downtown Kansas City, MO, as so terrifying she couldn’t even call the police…

Garrett said she honked her horn several times outside the police headquarters at 12th and Locust Streets and, when nobody came out, she drove through the garage door. It wasn’t until that point that the suspect finally jumped off Garrett’s hood and tried forcing his way onto a city bus just before police handcuffed him…

The suspect, Dionnete Price, went to the hospital to be treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Cool lady. She may have been too nervous to call the coppers on her cellphone; but, she sure-as-hell knew how to find the police station and the garage entrance.

Well, she sort of made a new entrance.

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2 Responses to Carjacker gets one-way ride to jail – right through the door!

  1. you know we should all have the local police stationed saved on our gps..although Iguess in this situation that would probalby be hard to drive…better yet memorize how to get to the police station.


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