University sues student for lost income — got degrees too quickly

Students generally are encouraged to stay on top of their work studies but that doesn’t appear to be the case with one German university.

This is because a pupil is being sued by his university after he completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees in around a quarter of the normal time.

Marcel Pohl completed a total of 60 examinations during his 20 months at the Essen-based School of Economics and Management (FOM).

He managed to achieve a grade of 2.3 but now FOM is suing Mr Pohl for loss of income after he completed his studies in August of last year.

Pohl managed to gain his degree in rapid time by dividing up simultaneous lectures with two friends — then swapping notes.

Tell me again. What is the primary function of an educational institution?

Thanks, Ursarodinia

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