Todd Akin needs to get past 6th grade English before he gets to showcase his 19th Century politics.

Akin’s screwed-up website – “I’m a women and I support Todd!”

When it comes to women, Republican Todd Akin just can’t seem to get it right.

On Tuesday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Missouri Senate candidate’s campaign was forced to take down its “Women for Akin” site after the paper pointed out that one of the women in the prominent photo was not a supporter of Akin, and, in fact, worked on behalf of his opponent, incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill.

The website featured a photo of Akin standing with his wife and two women, but one of the women was Corinne Matti, a tracker for the state’s Democratic Party.

But that wasn’t the only mistake. Text to the right of the photo read, “I’m a women and I support Todd.”

Of course, “women” should be the singular “woman…”

This isn’t the first embarrassing mistake the campaign has made on its website. Just days after Akin’s comments, the campaign misspelled “you’re” twice when asking supporters to “tell McCaskill that your standing with Todd Akin.”

This idiot is gullible enough to believe all sorts of rural myths about women and their bodies, their rights, their ability to stand up and run their own lives. He deserves to be relegated to the cobweb farm in the back of Mitt Romney’s closet for old money.

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