Grandparents put child in car trunk to have enough room in the back seat for their shopping – WTF?

I survived my zombie grandparents

A Fulton, Missouri, couple was arrested this weekend in Jefferson City for putting their grandchild in the trunk of their car.

Police reports show at about 12:15 p.m. Saturday, officers were dispatched to Menards, 805 Stone Creek Drive, for a child endangerment call.

According to the caller, she heard a voice from within the trunk of a car that had pulled into the lot and what sounded like a child’s voice frantically yelling “let me out!

The caller observed a couple exit the vehicle then open the trunk, at which point a 5 year-old girl climbed out.

Officers responded and made contact with the suspects, Marc and Mary Vaucher of Fulton who admitted purchasing two tables at another location and not having enough room to place the tables in the trunk so they opted to place their granddaughter in the trunk to allow for transport.

The Vauchers were arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and the child, who was unharmed, was released to another family member’s custody.

One of those times I not only wonder which species I belong to – but, what planet I live on?


  1. trixfred30

    Over here it’s standard practice to put children in the trunk (or boot as we call it). Especially if the little swine are arguing and generally spoiling the drive,

    • eideard

      Had to reflect that I’d never heard that. But, then, none of my mates in the UK but one own a car – and he has a 35-year-old Land Rover. No boot.

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