Alexander Kaptarenko sets new age record of 101 for Olympic torch relay


A Siberian centenarian became the oldest person to ever carry the Olympic torch Saturday when he breezed through his leg of the relay across Russia.

Alexander Kaptarenko, 101, had no trouble carrying the flame 200 meters closer to Sochi where the Winter Olympics begin Feb. 7.

Kaptarenko had practiced for the relay in the streets of Novosibirsk in recent weeks by holding a frozen fish aloft as a stand-in for the torch…

RIA Novosti said Kaptarenko was a world-class table tennis player back in the day. He participated in several international tournaments, including the 2012 European veterans’ championships in Sweden.

Read a few articles about Mr. Kaptarenko. I’m always impressed by age group athletes who are ten times more functional than I am. :) Here’s a man who survived a couple of World Wars, the Siege of Leningrad, still competing in age group table tennis last year at 100 – and he didn’t care for the puny dumbbells suggested for training for the Olympic Torch relay. He hauled out a big old frozen salmon from his fridge and held it aloft by the tail while he jogged for training purposes.

Good for you, Alexander.


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