Suggestions for Posts?

If you’d like to suggest an article you think should be posted for view and/or discussion – just add a comment below including the url. The editors are always willing to consider suggestions from our readers that don’t involve self-immolation.

We’ll probably delete the suggestion after deciding to Post or not – just to keep the place tidy. :)


  1. 4Sale

    “U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the nation’s largest law enforcement agency, is vulnerable to “systematic corruption” by drug cartels, smugglers and other criminals, and investigations of its internal abuses are “chronically slow,” according to a Homeland Security Department report that reveals glaring problems in the agencies that police the nation’s borders.
    The abuses are so widespread that Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol, should add nearly 350 criminal investigators to target internal corruption and the use of excessive and unnecessary force against migrants, the report concludes. That would boost the internal affairs roster by nearly 166%.
    Arrests of border agents and customs officers “far exceed, on a per capita basis, such arrests at other law enforcement agencies,” the 29-page report notes.” LA Times 6/30/15

  2. Demagoguery aside

    “Don’t wake up evil while it’s quiet, nor turn pale at the mention of a tiger. That’s a catchy combining of two phrases, one Russian and one Chinese, that headlines an article about Chinese-Russian cooperation in Eurasia at the web site “China In Central Asia” { } a site that focuses on China’s increasing presence in central Asia, and, since Russia also has many interests in that region, has articles about the conflicting interests Russia and China have in the region and on the areas they are cooperating in.” (see links)

  3. Clockwork Orange

    “Scientists believe that a simple two-hour emotional awareness course aimed at making young offenders less aggressive could hold the key to significantly reducing the seriousness of their future crimes.
    In the first ever study of its kind, psychologists from Cardiff University recorded a 44% drop in the severity of crimes committed by persistent re-offenders, six months following the completion of a course designed to improve their ability to recognize other people’s emotions. The findings are published today in PLOS ONE journal.”

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