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  1. Poco a poco

    “Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab” “In experiments on mice, the stem cells were genetically engineered to produce and secrete toxins which kill brain tumours, without killing normal cells or themselves.
    Researchers said the next stage was to test the procedure in humans.”

  2. Blowin' in the wind...

    “Georgia Court Refuses to Intervene on Behalf of 56,000 Missing Voters” “Civil rights groups sued Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, a Republican, claiming that he and county election offiials were not processing voter registration forms submitted by the New Georgia Project, which turned in more than 81,000 applications gathered in communities of color. The election officials claim they don’t have the missing applications.”

  3. Juche

    North Korea officials ‘publicly executed for watching South Korean soap operas’ See also: “Why North Korean students are tuning in to South Korean soap opera” and 2011 Reporters without borders report re: group 109 and control of information in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

  4. Learn Olbanian!

    Why the US Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability “…Downloading a high-definition movie takes about seven seconds in Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich, Bucharest and Paris, and people pay as little as $30 a month for that connection. In Los Angeles, New York and Washington, downloading the same movie takes 1.4 minutes for people with the fastest Internet available, and they pay $300 a month for the privilege, according to The Cost of Connectivity, a report published Thursday by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.” …The reason the United States lags many countries in both speed and affordability, according to people who study the issue, has nothing to do with technology. Instead, it is an economic policy problem — the lack of competition in the broadband industry.”

  5. Mayordomo

    “Pencils are New Mexicans’ favorite Halloween treat, study says” Also in N.M.: “Acequia champion Estevan Arellano dies” Re: his latest book on community irrigation, “Enduring Acequias: Wisdom of the Land, Knowledge of the Water” see

  6. Dave Hume

    “The ‘invisible hand’ has an iron grip on America” “…it makes sense why the idea appeals to so many people. For those who are already wealthy, they have little to gain from economic interference. Others are reassured that by simply looking out for themselves they can work towards the greater good. If the invisible hand reflects reality, we have no moral obligation to look beyond our own interests. How convenient.”

  7. Filmer

    “Finishing Orson Welles’s Last Film” “To trace the history of Orson Welles’s final film for her front-page article on Wednesday {link}, a picture that Hollywood buffs consider the most famous movie never released, Doreen Carvajal interviewed the many interested parties, including the movie’s actors and Welles’s heir. When she found herself in a Parisian warehouse amid thousands of Welles’s negatives, she realized that the rumor that the film might finally be finished by the spring of 2015, after more than four decades, could be true.”

  8. "Look out stomach here it comes"

    “Whiskey pulled over antifreeze ingredient, but not in U.S.” “While strictly monitored in Europe, both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have approved the use of propylene glycol in the U.S. in limited quantities.
    It can be found in scores of everyday products from food to certain toothpastes.
    According to New York Times editor Clay Risen: “Mostly products that are heavily processed, so a lot of sodas, a lot of store-bought cake mixes, a lot of icing, a lot of ice cream, people are not getting poisoned by soft drinks or ice cream. It won’t happen with Fireball (whiskey) either.”
    The FDA allows about 50 grams per kilogram of propylene glycol in foods.

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