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Utah fires 2 Mexiphobes over immigrant hit list

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has moved to fire two employees believed to have created and distributed a list containing personal information of 1,300 purported illegal immigrants.

The agency terminated a temporary worker and issued an “intent to terminate employment” notice to the other, spokesman Dave Lewis said. The latter career employee is on paid administrative leave pending a hearing, he said…

The list was anonymously distributed last week to media and government offices across the state, CNN affiliate KSTU-TV reported. An accompanying letter from “Concerned Citizens of the United States” insisted that those on the list should be deported immediately.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert told CNN’s John King on Friday night that the 1,300 people have Hispanic names. Lewis indicated Tuesday that some on the list are citizens and others are noncitizens with work permits.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said the alleged crimes may have broken state and federal privacy laws, and some may have been felonies, so if appropriate, there could be a multilevel investigation. He added that crimes may have been committed not only in generating and preparing the list, but also in how the list was used. Some of the alleged illegal immigrants listed have reported harassment since their names appeared on the list.

“Clearly, it’s not even meant as a blacklist. It’s more like a hit list. It is, I think, to put people at fear, to terrorize, to get people mobilized to do things. The fact is, the names on that list are also innocent until proven guilty, and we’re finding that some of those names … are here legally,” Shurtleff said.

Populist bigots could care less about “innocent until proven guilty”. Everyone on the list has an Hispanic surname. That’s all that matters to people whose ideology is based on ethnicity.

In this case, bigotry also happens to have exposed shallow checks and balances on security and confidentiality in the state of Utah.

Republican Senator says the Tea Party will die out

The Three Amigos
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has earned the ire of Tea Party groups for his penchant for negotiating with Democrats, predicted this week the movement will “die out.”

Graham, who has partnered with Democrats on immigration reform and energy and climate legislation, made the observation in a New York Times Magazine profile titled “Lindsey Graham, This Year’s Maverick” to be published this Sunday:

“Everything I’m doing now in terms of talking about climate, talking about immigration, talking about Gitmo is completely opposite of where the Tea Party movement’s at,” Graham said as Cato drove him to the city of Greenwood, where he was to give a commencement address at Lander University later that morning. On four occasions, Graham met with Tea Party groups. The first, in his Senate office, was “very, very contentious,” he recalled. During a later meeting, in Charleston, Graham said he challenged them: “ ‘What do you want to do? You take back your country — and do what with it?’ . . . Everybody went from being kind of hostile to just dead silent.”

In a previous conversation, Graham told me: “The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.” Now he said, in a tone of casual lament: “We don’t have a lot of Reagan-type leaders in our party. Remember Ronald Reagan Democrats? I want a Republican that can attract Democrats.” Chortling, he added, “Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today…”

Teabaggers are a fundamentalist religion just like their precursors in the John Birch Society and White Citizens Councils. It seems to be part of the definition that they have no clue or willingness to manage any political institution – much less a nation.

British ultras self-destruct in British election

They are third-rate political campaigners, though

The British National Party (BNP) failed in its efforts to break into the political mainstream when it suffered a succession of defeats in its key target seats.

The far-right party, led by Nick Griffin, was wiped out in its east London council stronghold of Barking and Dagenham, where its entire complement of 12 councillors lost their seats. In the parliamentary constituency of Barking, Mr Griffin came a poor third. The party had claimed it was on track to win 24 seats on the council, as well as win its first Westminster seat there.

…In the general election, the extremist group increased its share of the national vote to 1.9 per cent (562,979 votes) but it failed to gain a single MP from 300 candidates. In Stoke South, its other key parliamentary target, its deputy leader, Simon Darby, came in fourth. The party’s nationwide tally of 34 councillors also fell – from 34 to 12…

The BNP leader was pushed into third place in Barking by Margaret Hodge, the tourism minister and Labour incumbent, who doubled her majority to more than 16,000 votes. She told Mr Griffin to “pack your bags and go”. The 65-year-old added: “The message of Barking to the BNP is clear: get out and stay out. You are not wanted here and your vile politics have no place in British democracy.”


I’m surprised they didn’t follow the American model and just takeover the Tory Party.

Sarah Palin to swing eedjit vote for John McCain

Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Republican John McCain helped turn Sarah Palin into a household name during last year’s presidential campaign. Now she is returning the favor.

Palin, the former Alaska governor who was McCain’s vice presidential running mate last year, will campaign for McCain’s re-election bid as a senator from Arizona in March…

“I’m looking forward to getting back on the campaign trail with my former running mate, and I know my fellow Arizonans will welcome her as well,” McCain said. “Sarah energized our nation and remains a leading voice in the Republican Party.”

McCain has no announced challenger yet for the Republican nomination but conservative radio talk show host J.D. Hayworth has talked of possibly challenging the Vietnam war hero.

Palin is now a star of the Republican Party and a big draw on the fund-raising circuit. She is a Fox News contributor.

I think they deserve each other. They are a perfect analogue of the Old Guard Republican hacks combining with the teabagger version of populist idiocy.