Bearing Witness: Five years of the Iraq War

Through half a decade of war, a team of 100 Reuters correspondents, photographers, cameramen and support staff have strived to bring the world news from the most dangerous country for the press.

This is their testimony – bearing witness to ensure the story of Iraq is not lost.

Click on the photo to get to the slideshow.

One thought on “Bearing Witness: Five years of the Iraq War

  1. moss says:

    All the way back to Peter Bowman’s “Beach Red” from the Pacific campaign in WW2, a certain portion of Americans have been affronted, even angry, over any depiction of war as something less than glorious.

    It’s OK for “furriners” to show reality – “All’s quiet on the Western Front” comes to mind. But, “our” wars belong to John Wayne and Donald Rumfeld. Chickenhawks who believe their own PR.

    Good journalists write the sub-plots whilst in the middle of the war. Their assembled work still wins prizes for the Journal it is. As did this retrospective.

    Other journalists, few and far between, back home write the larger story. Sometimes, rarely, the two are the same. Ernie Pyle and Konstantin Simonov were exceptions.

    Doesn’t matter to those who’d rather turn their backs and look away. Have another beer.

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