US ‘escalates covert Iran missions’

US congressional leaders have agreed to a presidential request for up to $400 million in funding for covert operations against Iran, according to a report in the New Yorker magazine.

Previous cross-border operations have included the capture of Iranian security officers and the backing of anti-Tehran armed groups, said the report by Seymour Hersh, the investigative reporter.

The operations have been taking place since last year, the article said.

Bush’s request, made through a Presidential Finding document, was approved by US congressional leaders, including Democrats, late last year, the report said.

I find none of this surprising including collusion and collaboration by Congressional Democrats.

Iran’s response:

A senior Iranian military official said on Sunday the Islamic republic is digging some 320,000 graves in its border provinces for future slain invaders.

That’s not bravado. It’s not even grounded in nationalism in the strictest sense.

Iran is the focal center of Middle Eastern resistance to colonial and imperial arrogance. They threw out the Shah and his flunkys – as the leading force against British and American oil imperialism. They successfully resisted the Axis of Hussein and Rumsfeld.

Iran isn’t about to roll over – no matter how many Congressional cowards tail behind militarist nutballs. The Iranian nation is stuck with fundamentalist nutballs in charge more as a response to Western [which means American] greed for their natural gas and oil. A shame because the best people in Iran would be as happy to be rid of their reactionaries as many of us would be, here.

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