Taleban set up ‘Pakistan courts’

Taleban militants in Pakistan’s north-western Mohmand tribal area have set up permanent Islamic courts. The districts have been divided into four judicial zones, each having two judges and a permanent court address.

The Taleban have up until now used mobile courts – with no permanent offices or judges – to settle criminal and financial disputes. They say the permanent courts show the diminishing authority of the central and local governments…

All this is embarrassing for the Pakistani government, especially because the Taleban have in the past carried out cruel punishments against people accused of moral turpitude, crime or spying.

Earlier this month, two Afghan nationals accused of spying for the US were publicly killed on the orders of a Taleban court in Bajaur.

Last month, a court in Orakzai ordered the public killing of half a dozen alleged bandits.

And in March, the Taleban killed a couple after they were allegedly found guilty of adultery by a court in Mohmand.

If the leading ally in the Worldwide War on Terror has little to say about the administration of justice, law and order within their own borders, how much use is their assistance throughout the region?

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