Home alone: old men left lonely in Britain’s ageing society

Photo ©AFP/File – Mustafa Ozer

Britain is likely to face a growing problem of “home alone” old men as the number of male over-60s living alone in Britain hits one million for the first time, according to research by the Help the Aged charity.

With half of those million men admitting to feeling lonely and isolated, a worrying picture is emerging of a generation of males struggling to hold on to social and family ties that seem to come more naturally to women.

Where older women tend to be comfortable with participating in social groups, men seem to find it harder to join in. Many of these group activities are female-focused and the men who do go are outnumbered by women “which can be quite intimidating”, added Amy Swann…

Research carried out by the charity found that grandfathers are nearly twice as likely to go up to six months without seeing their grandchildren as grandmothers.

Men tend to have weaker social links and contact with family and friends,” the charity said. They also tend to be “less comfortable with planning social interactions and knowing how to integrate themselves fully into society.”

Thorough, thoughtful article – a bit sad when you realize that many elderly men don’t realize how much their wives did for them until it’s too late and they’re gone.

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