Pressure mounts on Musharraf to quit

UPDATE: Musharraf says he will resign rather than face impeacement.

Cynic that I am, I guess that means he couldn’t find enough Army officers to support a coup.

Pakistan’s ruling coalition has taken another step toward impeaching President Pervez Musharraf, finalizing the charges to be launched against the former army strongman if he refuses to resign.

Musharraf is holding out against enormous pressure to quit from foes who swept February elections and relegated the stalwart U.S. ally to the political sidelines.

On Sunday, a committee of coalition officials agreed on a list of impeachment charges against the president, Information Minister Sherry Rehman said.

Rehman provided no details of the charges, which will now go to coalition leaders for a final decision on launching impeachment proceedings in Parliament.

“We’ve come to a mutual conclusion on what we shall present to the leaders of the coalition government,” Rehman told reporters after the committee meeting in Islamabad.

“Once they have cleared it, we will be presenting it as part of a resolution and charge sheet in the joint houses and, God willing, that should happen this week,” she said.

I realize this is mostly political claptrap from one or another PR maven. Musharraf can be trusted to keep his word about as much as his buddy in the White House.

For those parties and people in South Asia working and hoping for peace and democracy, it’s still a step forward from the past decade.

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