U.S. likely to help Georgia military – Wow! There’s a surprise.

The United States expects to help Georgia rebuild its military following the conflict with Russia over breakaway South Ossetia, says a top U.S. general.

“One would assume … we would have to help them rebuild because they are a partner in the war on terror, they’ve been helpful. They are going to ask us, I am sure, to replace and rebuild,” General John Craddock, who is in charge of the U.S. European Command, told reporters during a trip to Georgia.

Craddock said he would assess Georgia’s needs during his visit, due to end on Friday, and report back to the Pentagon.

“I think that (assistance) is probably going to happen. It’s a matter of how much and how fast,” he added.

Conflict between Georgia and Russia erupted when Georgia tried to reimpose control over its breakaway, pro-Russian [invaded] South Ossetia on August 7-8.

You can click the link to RTFA. It’s Reuters tippytoeing through the minefield of American imperial arrogance – which is heightened by it being election time in the U.S.. We get to choose the evil of two lessers.

Anyone out there who thinks Congress, our political candidates of every stripe, our trove of military trolls at the Pentagon aren’t going to fall over each other shipping hardware to our “partner in the war on terror”?

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