Cruises for swingers only!

A new company called YOLO Cruises plans what’s billed as the first swingers cruise on a major ship — a sexually-charged voyage that’s sure to raise eyebrows in the industry.

YOLO Cruises president Marlene Brustle says the idea is to offer swingers — people who embrace non-monogamous sexual experiences — a chance to get away with like minded people in “an open, erotic atmosphere . . . it will feature full nudity at the pools, daytime pool parties and specially planned sexually themed parties in the evening.”

Brustle says there also will be designated playrooms “for the voyeurs and more adventurous on board.”

The themes for evening parties will include such things as “naughty schoolgirl” and “masquerade” — think Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut, says Brustle.

I wonder if they’ll be violating any federal laws about crossing state lines for immoral purposes?

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