Russian opposition website owner killed in police custody

The owner of an opposition Internet news site in Russia’s troubled Ingushetia region has been shot dead after police detained him.

Magomed Yevloyev, owner of the Internet site, was a vocal critic of the region’s Kremlin-backed administration which is accused by critics of crushing dissent and free speech.

A posting on Yevloyev’s site — which has been the subject of repeated official attempts to close it down — said he was shot after police detained him when he landed in Ingushetia’s airport…

Ingushetia’s Kremlin-backed leader Murat Zyazikov has been struggling to contain a low-level insurgency led by Islamist militants. His critics accuse him of persecuting opposition activists and reporters, an allegation he denies.

Interfax quoted an unnamed law enforcement source as saying Yevloyev was shot by accident. “While police officers were attempting to transfer M. Yevloyev to an interior ministry office, an incident occurred in which M. Yevloyev received a gunshot wound to the temple area.”

Another complex pile of political compost. The holier-then-thou crowd should find a single thread in this 19th-Century tapestry and give us all the sort of crusading guidance they wish we all needed.

Personally, I’ll wait for emails from friends in the neighborhood. Some of which will be grassroots gossip. All of which will be free of both Russian and American political phrasemongering.

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