Google comic book announces Chrome browser

A few bloggers report that they’ve received comic books from Google announcing its new open source browser, called Google Chrome. The browser will be based on WebKit, the same open source engine that Apple’s Safari is based on.

Taking a queue from modern operating systems, Google’s comic says that it constructed Chrome so that each tab’s processes sit in their own protected silos. So if a page crashes one tab, it doesn’t take the rest down with it. That means more memory usage up front, Google says, but less bloat overall.

Also, the comic says the browser will beat the competition (Mozilla Firefox and its variants, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) with faster JavaScript performance and better security features such as an “incognito” mode.

You can read the 38-page comic here, thanks to Google Blogoscoped.

UPDATE: Downloads of the Chrome Browser – for Windows PC – are now available.

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