Jumping for joy – and stronger bones

High impact activities such as jumping and skipping that can easily be incorporated into warm-ups before sports and physical education classes, have been shown to benefit bone health in adolescents.

The 10 minute school-based intervention, provided twice a week for about eight months, significantly improved bone and muscle strength in healthy teenagers compared to regular warm-ups.

Physiotherapist Ben Weeks said the warm-up which included tuck jumps, star jumps, side lunges and skipping with gradually increasing complexity and repetitions, was specifically designed to apply a bone-stimulating mechanical load on the skeleton. Students worked up to about 300 jumps per session by the end of the study.

Eighty per cent of bone mass is accrued in the first 20 years and especially around puberty due to the circulating hormones. This study targets a window of opportunity in adolescence to maximise peak bone mass with high-intensity, weight-bearing activity.”

Along with the process of dumbing-down American students, when was it that we lost simple attention to exercise like this?

I won’t drive you nuts with the [true] tale of walking forth-and-back to school, every day. Frankly, it was fun. The disciplined exercise that was part of every gym class in elementary school wasn’t fun; but, it obviously had good results.

I’d like to know why it disappeared – so, we don’t repeat the mistake.

One thought on “Jumping for joy – and stronger bones

  1. Morey says:

    I’m sure a lot of this has to do with where you live. In the area I grew up,for example, I biked (and walked) around the neighborhood, lifted weights at home as if they were a toy, and played outside with few worries about safety. In the same city now, you’d be a fool to let your kids run free. Houses are much smaller now (i.e., decreased indoor activity) and more expensive, and lots are too small to engage in the kind of play we engaged in. Funny how people can still be brainwashed to believe that they have much more now than they had then. That depends on how you measure it; you sure wouldn’t want to measure it by acreage. Today, too often, you can practically reach out your window and shake hands with your neighbor through their window.

    Of course, you can always drive a few miles to recreate at your local park. Good luck. It might or might not be safe.

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