US war in Afghanistan spills over into Pakistan

The war in Afghanistan spilled over into Pakistani territory for the first time when heavily armed commandoes, believed to be US special forces, landed by helicopter and attacked three houses in a village close to a known Taliban and al-Qaida stronghold.

The early morning attack on Jala Khel killed between seven and 20 people, according to a range of reports from the remote Angoor Adda region of South Waziristan. The village is situated less than a mile from the Afghanistan border.

Local residents were quoted as saying most of the dead were civilians and included women and children. It was not known whether any Taliban or al-Qaida militants or western forces were among the dead.

A Nato spokesman denied involvement. There were unconfirmed reports that the incursion was carried out by US special forces, which are not under Isaf command and can operate independently. A US military spokesman at the Bagram base near Kabul did not deny an attack had occurred but declined to comment.

The Afghan War was neither fought to completion in the first instance – nor were responsible levels of aid and assistance forthcoming after the initial occupation.

The West demonstrated as little concern for Afghani noncombatants as they did for the rule of international and military law in their treatment of the Taliban brigades.

Now, they find themselves with a situation worse than that which engendered the Taliban successes in the first place. Exactly what I would expect from military and political incompetents.

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