Kashmir’s “children of conflict” rise up in anger

They eschew violence, but are seething with anger. They are Indian Kashmir’s new generation of radicalized separatists who are proving a huge challenge to New Delhi by spurring the biggest demonstrations against India in two decades.

“The older generation is tired.” said Zaffar, a 23 year-old student in Srinagar, Kashmir’s summer capital, in a street under curfew where dozens of heavily armed police patrolled. “Our generation has understood what the problem is…”

Protests by hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris in the last month highlight how a younger generation who know little but war are taking the lead and radicalizing a separatist movement that had tentatively talked peace with New Delhi…

A row over land for Hindu pilgrims suddenly snowballed into protests by hundreds of thousands of people that reminded old-timers of the start of a revolt against Indian rule in 1989.

Police reacted, killing at least 35 protesters in the Muslim Kashmir Valley. At least a thousand people have been wounded. The government says police were fired upon. They say agitators hijacked protests and that ordinary Kashmiris were marginalized.

For many Kashmiris, the crackdown was a travesty.

Separatist leaders, including the main separatist alliance All Parties Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference which renounces militant violence, also feel burned after talks with New Delhi.

“Moderates were made into a bunch of jokers,” Lone said. “The credibility of the institution of dialogue was eroded, perhaps irreversibly.”

Truly interesting article – frankly, more depth than I expect from the usual workmanlike product cranked out for mass media by Reuters.

It doesn’t make decisions about who to support and how – any less difficult. I didn’t support partition; but, the gerrymandering of Kashmir was a farce worthy of Britain or France. The politics of the following decades have rarely been more sophisticated than street gangs.

No doubt – and no wonder – the children of conflict have to take over.

One thought on “Kashmir’s “children of conflict” rise up in anger

  1. bestfriend says:

    very nice to see people intrested in seeing n feeling the problems of such children,they have seen troubles fro there childhood so that may be the reason that they r so much angered and determinen.

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