Tony Blair’s bodyguard forgets loaded gun in Starbucks crapper

An investigation has been launched after a police firearms specialist left a loaded gun in a Starbucks cafe in central London. The officer, who has reportedly provided personal protection for the former prime minister Tony Blair, left the pistol in the toilets after she visited the coffee shop last week. The gun was found by a member of the public…

The majority of British officers do not carry guns, aside from specialist officers whose duties include guarding dignitaries or responding to armed incidents.

She had left the semi-automatic Glock 17 gun in the toilet of the cafe after taking off her belt. She later bought a coffee, not realising she had left the weapon behind. Reports this morning suggested it was left on the floor of the cafe’s toilets for 20 minutes.

An investigation is being carried out by Scotland Yard’s directorate of professional standards. It is understood the officer has been relieved of her duties while the investigation is under way.

No kidding? Now, I’m relieved.

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