Best Buy’s Sunday circular features iPhone

A copy of next week’s Best Buy circular (above) duly notes the handset’s arrival with a sprawling glamour shot across its cover, the latest example of a blossoming relationship between Apple and the No. 1 U.S. specialty electronics retailer…

On September 7th, Best Buy will also become the first independent U.S. retailer to carry the iPhone 3G when it’s put up for sale at 970 Best Buy locations and 16 Best Buy Mobile specialty outlets across the country. More importantly, however, the deal broadens Apple’s reach by expanding the number of iPhone distribution points by approximately 30 percent to over 3000 locations.

Up until now, Americans could only purchase the iPhone from approximately 2,200 locations, including approximately 190 Apple retail stores and 2000 mobile phone dealerships operated by exclusive US iPhone carrier AT&T.

I’ll stop by my local Best Buy and see if there’s anyone there who knows whatever about the iPhone.

7 thoughts on “Best Buy’s Sunday circular features iPhone

  1. anonymous says:

    Could someone please answer…
    If i bought the iPhone at Best Buy, is it already unlocked?
    Or would i be able to use with any sim in the world?

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