Does your dog rattle when he walks?

A dog had to have 13 golf balls removed from his stomach after eating them on walks near a golf course.

Oscar, a five-year-old black Labrador, was taken to the vet after his owner noticed a rattling noise coming from his pet.

The vet, Bob Hesketh, was stunned: “When I went into his stomach I was expecting one or two balls, but they just kept coming.” One of the balls had been in Oscar’s stomach so long, it had turned black.

Oscar’s owner, Chris Morrison, takes the dog for regular walks near Pitreavie golf course in Dunfermline, Fife. Oscar is thought to have swallowed the balls over a period of months.

Morrison said: “He normally picks up golf balls and brings them home but must have been swallowing some all along. He hunts them down like truffles. He finds them in all sorts of places where golfers lose them.”

Oscar obviously wasn’t being fed enough. Right?

Every Lab thinks he’s not being fed enough.

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