Red tape kept killer’s family from having him institutionalized

“I kill for God”

Isaac Zamora’s mother begged him to get help when he was released from jail a month ago. State and federal laws prevented her from doing much more for the man who has now been arrested after a shooting spree in rural northwest Washington that left six people dead and four wounded…

In the wake of the shootings, Dennise Zamora has said she wants people to know that “my son was desperately mentally ill and we’ve been trying to get him help.”

If someone resists help in Washington, a family member must demonstrate he is a danger to society or himself or is “gravely disabled” before he can be involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital.

Ron Honberg, an expert on mental illness treatment in the U.S., called it a sad irony that in most cases, the 8.1 million adults with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in the United States are being cared for by their families, who have no legal standing.

Friends of Zamora’s said he had been diagnosed with both mental illnesses, but state officials would not say if such a diagnosis was part of his file.

All that counts with bureaucrats is what is “in your file”.

Zamora was in and out of jails and mental hospitals for years. Yet, when a judge ordered a mental health evalution, his parole officer and his family were stuck raising the money.

Foolish laws administered by an incompetent state.

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