Infant abductions increasing everywhere except health care facilities

After 23 years of data collection, a report showed that while the number of abductions in hospital settings dramatically declined, those from private homes and public places have increased in incidence. Among private home and public place abductions, there has also been an increase in violence and lower infant recovery rates…

Since 1992, a higher proportion of infants taken from health care facilities have been recovered quickly; however, the recovery rate was lower among infants abducted from non-health care locations, in both the earlier and later periods. Although most abductors first target health care facilities, trends that might reflect the shift in the abduction site from health care facilities to homes include the significant increase in parental injuries and the increased involvement of weapons…

The article categorizes several differences between abductions in health care and no-health care contexts.

One interesting conclusion is that better education about the danger of infant abduction has played a role in shifting scenarios for kidnapping. Administrators and facility staff do a better job at security. The nutballs who snatch babies adapt their efforts to match.

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