Plastic Logic’s e-reader is thin, simple and strong

Why would you want an Amazon Kindle, which is kind of bulky, not too attractive, and of limited scope when you could have a real digital document reader that is thin, easy to use, and very strong? That’s the business case from Plastic Logic, one of the first companies to be on stage at DemoFall.

The company’s plastic reader is designed to store dozens or hundreds of business documents on a very thin digital reader. It can store e-books, magazines, newspapers, PDFs and all kinds of information, the company said.

It’s made with plastic, not glass, meaning that it is designed to be strong and to be able to stand up to being hit with objects or, presumably, even dropped.

It looks pretty cool, and is said to weigh only ounces, “not pounds,” has a battery that lasts days and can be read in bright daylight.

Production starts soon and I guess they’ll come up with a name for the critter that won’t be too dumb.

It certainly has an easier form factor [for me] to deal with compared to existing devices.

One thought on “Plastic Logic’s e-reader is thin, simple and strong

  1. Morey says:

    This is starting to look more like it. Now if they can just get rid of that annoying black screen inbetween page turns. But it is starting to look like something I might be willing to carry around.

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