I’ve been a Formula 1 fan for 54 years. No more.

Conspiracy, controversy, confusion. Perhaps Formula One should be re-named Formula Con.

The fall-out from Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix has sparked outrage, anger, widespread debate, leading to an appeal which means the race will now be won or lost in some London law firm’s office.

Without a shadow of a doubt, that is wholly unsatisfactory, and not the way one of the most enthralling, dynamic finishes to a race for many a year should be concluded.

That’s how Ian Parkes led off his column on the Spa debacle. I’ve followed Formula 1 since Day 1, I’m the sort of maniac motorsports fan who has slept [or tried to] alongside the beginning of the Mulsanne Straight, camped out at Lime Rock for Opening Day.

My feelings run deeper than many – and I’m tired of trying to keep up with bureaucrats fiddling with specifications and race results the way Bernie diddles the taxman. It’s over.

Someone mail me a penny postcard when Formula 1 becomes a motorsport, again.

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