Roy Keane speaks out about “Warner the Clown”

Keaneo on a sunny day in Sunderland

Sunderland manager Roy Keane called FIFA vice president Jack Warner a “clown” for intervening in the club-versus-country dispute over striker Dwight Yorke. Yorke missed Trinidad & Tobago’s World Cup qualifier against the United States on Wednesday after Keane told him to return to Sunderland.

Warner, who is from Trinidad, accused Keane of showing “callous disregard” for the national team, drawing a furious rebuke from the Irishman.

The man’s a clown,” Keane said Friday. “He sent me a letter and he was quite happy to give it to the media. I spoke to him on Wednesday and I told him what I thought about him and where I think he should go. He is writing these letters and it is always under the FIFA heading just to impress everybody. If he is vice president of FIFA, then God help us…”

“He (Warner) has not written me a letter about Kenwyne Jones, who got injured playing in a friendly match. They selected Carlos Edwards last year when he was out with a broken leg,” Keane said.

Warner is best known for having a mouth wider than his butt. Though he works really hard at making an ass of himself – he’s not much worse than the rest of the suits in FIFA.

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