World broadband study places Japan in the lead

Amber and Will doing Command-N

Only Japan has the broadband quality to cope with next-generation internet applications, a new study has revealed.

Sweden and the Netherlands have Europe’s best broadband, according to the 42-nation study sponsored by internet equipment maker Cisco Systems. The UK, Spain and Italy fell just below the quality threshold for today’s web.

No surprise. The United States didn’t make the Top Ten.

The study aims to highlight each nation’s ability to cope with next-generation web applications such as high-quality video streaming.

They developed a “Broadband Quality Score” for each nation based on internet speed both downloading and uploading, the loss of packets of data and latency – a measure of the delays in information routing.

Researchers put the success of Sweden and the Netherlands in Europe down to those countries’ “increasing investments in fibre and cable network upgrades, coupled with competition diversity, and supported by strong government vision and policy”.

They said Japan’s early commitment to investing in broadband made it the only country prepared to deliver the necessary quality for next-generation web applications over the next three to five years.

If it was widely available, average-level cable broadband in the U.S. can handle 1080i-quality HDTV streaming. I do it every day. Though, accustomed as I am to time-shifting content, I’m more likely to download IPTV and store a program or two on my Apple TV for the evening’s watching in the living room. Let’s face it, TV is still where it has to end up.

I have a connection rated at 6mbps with “bursts” rated up to 16mbps. It’s barely affordable AFAIC.

I also have no alternatives. The only other choice for broadband in my neck of the prairie – as it is for many – is a lame version of DSL rated at 1.25mbps from our regional incompetent Telco.

2 thoughts on “World broadband study places Japan in the lead

  1. moss says:

    Latest episode of Command-N sitting on my own Apple TV, right now.

    Anyone hear any rumors about when we’re getting a firmware update for 1080p?

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