Spain bans political party supporting Basque separatists

Spain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday outlawed a leftist political party for its links to the Basque separatist group ETA, and ordered its immediate dissolution.

The court outlawed the Basque Nationalist Action party, or ANV, as it is known locally. It has about 100 elected town councilors in Basque city halls, and they are expected to lose their seats under the ruling, an analyst told CNN.

A lower court judge suspended the party’s activities last February, preventing it from running candidates in Spain’s national elections last March, due to suspicions about its ties to ETA…

Spanish courts previously outlawed another political party, Batasuna, for its ties to ETA, and prosecutors and lawyers for the government argued before the Supreme Court that Basque Nationalist Action was a kind of successor to Batasuna.

The Supreme Court’s chief justice, Francisco Hernando, told reporters Wednesday that in addition to outlawing Basque Nationalist Action, the court would also immediately consider a similar ban on another leftist party, the Communist Party for Basque Lands, or PCTV as it is known locally, also for suspected links to ETA, the court’s press office said.

The PCTV holds seats in the Basque regional parliament, and it activities were also suspended last February by a lower court judge.

This should work about as well as it did for the Brits in Ireland.

Whether or not one supports some form of independent political rule for the Basque nation, suppressing legitimate political work, electoral campaigns, further validates the lie of the Spanish government declaring itself sovereign and democratic.

You’re not supporting democracy by keeping people from voting.

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