Hundreds arrested in four countries in global drug bust

Police in four nations have held about 200 people over alleged trans-Atlantic drug-trafficking involving a major Mexican drugs cartel.

US and Italian police seized 175, some of them picked up in Italy’s Reggio Calabria region, where the N’drangheta mafia run the cocaine trade. Other suspects were arrested in Mexico and Guatemala.

Italian police say the coordinated investigation, Operation Solare, has proved to be one of its biggest operations against the mafia in recent years, and one of their most successful. The N’drangheta is notoriously secretive and ruthless, characteristics which have protected its drug-trafficking hegemony until now…

The suspects detained in the US were arrested in a dozen states, including 43 people picked up in Atlanta, Georgia.

More than 16,000kg (35,000lb) of cocaine, 450kg of methamphetamine, 9kg of heroin, 23,300kg of marijuana, 176 vehicles and 167 weapons have been seized.

Approximately $60.1m (£33m) in US currency was also taken.

Bravo! Nice to see policing focused on police work.

Of course, a lifetime of observation at the grassroots level prompts me to ask if this is anything more than some of the bottom-feeding thugs taking their turn in the slammer? Tht’s not just cynicism – that’s how it’s done in many crime families.

You keep the Capo out of harm’s way. You draw attention away from politicians and police officials on the take by throwing a few bones to the media dogs.

One thought on “Hundreds arrested in four countries in global drug bust

  1. james357 says:

    What? I thought they were supposed to be flying over my house at 200 ft., shaking the windows looking for marijuana plants and “unique” heat signatures or hassling some kid because they smell pot in the car and all he’s trying to do is get for his curfew. What were they thinking, going after international drug smugglers? Somebody must have not have gotten their bribe money.

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