New Minneapolis bridge opens, 13 months after collapse

A steady stream of motorists crossed the new Interstate 35W “smart bridge” as it opened, a little more than a year after the old one collapsed into the Mississippi River and killed 13 people.

A vanguard of squad cars, fire trucks, ambulances and maintenance trucks slowly led a parade of cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses across the new bridge in downtown Minneapolis just after 5 a.m. this morning, reopening one of the busiest arteries in the Twin Cities…

The old bridge fell August 1, 2007, killing more than a dozen people and injuring 145 others. The state put the replacement on the fast track, and contractors had it ready for traffic in just 11 months.

The bridge was completed on budget and more than three months ahead of the December 24 deadline. That means the contractors should get a bonus close to the contract maximum of $27 million, though the actual amount hasn’t been determined.

RTFA – especially the details of the sensor system they installed to stay ahead of preventative maintenance requirements.

And the contractor beat the install date. Good for you!

One thought on “New Minneapolis bridge opens, 13 months after collapse

  1. moss says:

    If the neocon crowd were in charge, it would have been no-bid to Halliburton for four times as much money – and be ready for the 2010 congressional election.

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