Climate skeptics have their head in the sand

Climate skeptics who argue that global warming has stopped have their “heads in the sand”, according to the UK’s Met Office. A recent dip in global temperatures is down to natural changes in weather systems, a new analysis shows, and does not alter the long-term warming trend.

In a statement published on its website, it says: “Anyone who thinks global warming has stopped has their head in the sand. “The evidence is clear, the long-term trend in global temperatures is rising, and humans are largely responsible for this rise. Global warming does not mean that each year will be warmer than the last.”

The new research confirms that the world has cooled slightly since 2005, but says this is down to a weather phenomena called La Niña, when cold water rises to the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Despite this effect, the office says, 11 of the last 13 years are the warmest ever recorded

The apparent cooling trend is exaggerated by a record high temperature in 1998 caused by a separate weather event, El Niño, she said. “You could look at what happened in 1998 and say that global warming accelerated and that’s not true either.

We have the same sort of poli-sci skeptics here in the States, of course. Ready and willing to reject the sum of peer-reviewed analysis on the basis of one or another hiccup paraded about like all the bought-and-paid-for rejections of cigarette smoking as being at all causative of human illness.

As much as conservatives and reactionaries bemoan what they call political correctness, they are the originators of that particular illness and have embraced it with all the fervor of whichever True Belief their leaders proffer. Lately, no human need bear any responsibility for climate change is the scripture.

Oh, and I wouldn’t have been so polite about where they’re hiding their heads.

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