Sunni anti-Al Qaeda patrols worry about job security. Really.

AFP/Getty Images

Baghdad has promised to take 20 percent of what the U.S. military estimates to be 100,000 guards across Iraq into the Iraqi security forces and give others civilian jobs or training.

But the guards, who get paid an average $300 a month by the U.S. military, are troubled about the future even though the government in Baghdad has publicly praised their contribution to improving security and said they would be looked after.

Some government officials eye the unofficial forces, which include many former Sunni Arab insurgents, with suspicion. Some guards fear they may be arrested because of their past.

“We all want jobs in the police, but we can’t be sure,” said Amir Hardan Jadoua, 23, as another fighter waved a truck though their checkpoint. “The government never talks to us, so we’re in the dark about all decisions. We’re getting worried.”

The U.S. military will start handing control of the units to the government from October 1, when Baghdad will pay tens of thousands of guards in and around the capital. Other areas are expected to follow after that.

The article has a bit more color and depth than the usual straight-up dry stuff from Reuters. Actually admits the “revisionist” Ba’athist soldiers are motivated by the $10 a day they get from Uncle Sugar. Now, if we could only get CNN and FOX to notice that?

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