Is a new Nintendo DS coming?

Nintendo is no stranger to updating its hardware in order to drum up new enthusiasm and sales, even if it simply means adding a new color and pack-in game and calling the bundle a limited edition. Updates of note—those that add functionality or change the design of a system—are much more rare. If a report in Japan’s business daily Nikkei is correct, we’re going to see one such update of the Nintendo DS before the end of the year, with some significant new features.

While there are no images of the updated system, the details are pretty significant: the system will now come with a camera, the ability to play music, feature a larger screen, and include an improved antenna for wireless communications. It’s also reported that the system will be able to share data with the Nintendo Wii via SD cards, leading us to believe the system may have an SD slot built-in. Given Nintendo’s feelings on piracy, however, that seems somewhat unlikely.

There are no pictures of this new device, and while the source is a solid one, this should still be treated as rumor or speculation until we have some more solid information. Nintendo won’t make that easy, as the company won’t confirm or deny the report. “We are always developing new products,” the company commented. “However, since nothing has been announced officially, we are unable to comment at this time.”

Now, that’s a non-denial denial worthy of Richard Nixon.

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