Perve priest jailed for molesting girls 30 years ago

A Catholic priest whose sexual abuse of seven schoolgirls was uncovered 30 years later by two victims who met on the Friends Reunited website has been jailed for a year.

Father Peter Carr, 73, was exposed when the two women now in their 40s – one a solicitor, the other a singer – swapped online recollections about how he rubbed paint on their naked bodies before school plays.

They complained to police who found that other girls invited to join productions at the boys’ school in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, were subjected to similar abuse.

Gloucester crown court judge Martin Picton told Carr that he had done the church “much damage. What you did was not minor. They [the girls] have had to face life with a sense of being degraded and humiliated,” he said…

One woman who went on to become a singer said after the sentencing that she had not expected Carr to be jailed. “I didn’t think a prison sentence would necessarily change anything because he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong,” she said.

“If you had asked me in my 20s, I might have wanted revenge, but now I am just satisfied that he isn’t going to die with everyone saying what a fantastic priest he is.”

The most demented never think they’ve ever done anything wrong.

One thought on “Perve priest jailed for molesting girls 30 years ago

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I’m old enough to remember the bad old days first-hand, back when sweethearts like this guy had an unfortunate tendency to accidentally fall downstairs in the police station, with their hands cuffed behind their backs.

    It was tragic, really.

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