3 thoughts on “Sign of the times on Wall Street

  1. Cinaedh says:

    Why would they jump?

    They’re already rich from their previous years’ multi-million dollar bonuses and very soon they may be getting trillions of dollars of other people’s money, handed to them for doing nothing more than being incredibly stupid and greedy.

    Masters of the Universe indeed!

    Jump? They’re up there laughing their asses off at that sign. With luck, maybe a few of them will laugh so hard, they’ll lose their balance and fall by accident. That would be a real tragedy.

  2. james357 says:

    I think many elites forget that better than them have collapsed in the past. The Romans had everything locked up pretty tight at one time. So did Britain. So did the French, So did Alexander the Great. Hitler had his way for a wile, too. There’s always someone who thinks they’ll be king of the mountain forever. The masters of Wall Street are no different. They’ll get their smug asses handed to them some day.

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