6 thoughts on ““She clearly doesn’t understand…”

  1. moss says:

    Congress actually four parties:

    Four liberals, a shitpile of Democrats, twenty or thirty old-fashioned Republican conservatives and an even bigger shitpile of nutball neocons.

  2. james357 says:

    The more they hammer on Palin like that, the more entrenched her support gets. I honestly don’t think they’d be treating a man that viciously. She isn’t any more an idiot than Joe Biden.

  3. ramona says:

    I understand the sympathy. But, that’s not going to retain the independent voters who perceived her as someone different from the typical Washington crony.

    She’s an Alaskan crony.

    Neither she nor Biden are idiots; but, he’s worked at politics for a long time. He can answer questions with something more than slogans. There’s a lot of programs that he and McCain worked on together over the years that she knows nothing about.

  4. james357 says:

    Yeah, but I thougt the whole Obama thing was about change, then we turn around and say Palin isn’t established enough in the system we want to change. Sort of a schizophrenic approach, isn’t it?

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