Gurkhas win immigration court battle

A British court has struck down immigration restrictions placed on Gurkha veterans who served in the country’s armed forces, handing a significant victory to a group that has served Britain for nearly 200 years.

The High Court ordered the government to draw up a new immigration policy for the Nepalese soldiers, who demanded the repeal of regulations that bar some of them from settling in Britain.

This court has struck that policy down as being completely unlawful, and has ordered the government to draw up a new policy as soon as possible that takes in account the long and distinguished service of these men,” attorney David Enright said.

Gurkha soldiers outside the court broke into cheers, played bagpipes and waved green flags emblazoned with two crossed kukri — bent Nepalese knives the Gurkhas adopted as their standard.

Mercenaries recruited from the Himalayan hills, the Gurkhas served Britain starting in 1815, through the conflagrations of the 20th century and into the 21st, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Class society in Britain – especially regarding former servants and colonial subjects – has the stink of racism about it. Ordinary people do their best to overcome that. But, the stuffed shirts who make the rules never care to bend to honor and justice.

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