Spectacular Singapore lights the way for Formula One

1,500 light projectors putting out 3,180,000 watts

Formula One turned to the dark side at the Singapore Grand Prix and judging by how well it was received the sport’s first night race will not be its last. Even if it had not thrown up an unlikely winner after a dramatic two hours of racing, Singapore delivered something different.

“It has a good chance of challenging Monaco for being the jewel in the crown of Formula One,” Frank Williams told The Guardian newspaper…

Singapore at night looked good on television — and that was the whole point of the exercise as far as the organizers were concerned.

It all added to the sense of spectacle, a point not lost on Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong who attended the race.

“I’ve been watching it on TV the last couple of nights, not watching the cars, but watching the skyline, to see whether the skyline shows up and we see Singapore showing off its best,” he told the Straits Times.

Ron Dennis, though, is looking at potentially having night races revolutionize F1 closer to home.

“Everything has been proven to work and we can take this model and apply it anywhere. It could be used in Europe to bring us into night and we can change the viewing times,” he added.

“It can be used now to glamorize Formula One even more.”

Peter Windsor made the point in his pre-race walk through the pits that Bernie Ecclestone hired the consultant who designed the lighting system to do one thing only: make the cars look great on TV.

He certainly succeeded.

2 thoughts on “Spectacular Singapore lights the way for Formula One

  1. moss says:

    The Massa disaster was entirely Ferrari’s fault.

    I’m always surprised that broadcast announcers don’t use a DVR more often for reviewing their own slow-mos. I stopped mine at the start of SPEED’s replay – then moved ahead frame-by-frame.

    It was clear the green light came on before Massa hit the throttle.

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