Microsoft packages XP, Office on Portuguese schools laptop

Jose Socrates and Craig Barrett

Microsoft has launched a software package for a Portuguese ultra-cheap laptop for school children that the government hopes will boost the country’s technological edge in education…

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the software package called “Suite Magellan” to go with the laptops, which will include Windows XP and Office in addition to development applications, free email and instant messaging.

Portuguese Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates has made boosting poor education standards and technology at schools a priority of his government…

The government hopes the Magellan project, named after the 16th century Portuguese explorer, will raise computer access at schools to two students per computer by 2010, up from five now…

While the computer will be assembled in Portugal by a company called JP Sa Couto, it is based on Intel’s Classmate PC, a cheap computer that has been adopted in various formats in countries such as Brazil and Indonesia.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez signed an agreement to buy 1 million Magellan laptops for Venezuelan schools. The computers also went on public sale in Portugal last week for 285 euros ($394).

How can you go wrong expanding educational opportunities for the children of your nation?

Meanwhile, Microsoft keeps running down this blather about XP being an end-of-life product. At the same time, they treat it as a useful, portable package they can distribute worldwide. Cripes!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft packages XP, Office on Portuguese schools laptop

  1. james357 says:

    It’s really frustrating that the US government refuses anything like this for the kids here. Everything’s sold for maximum profit, citizen welfare be damned.

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