Join us in Afghanistan – you get into NATO

Romanian lemmings on parade
AP Photo by Vadim Ghirda

The United States called on southeastern Europe, including aspiring NATO members, to send more troops to fight the insurgency in Afghanistan.

“As the situation on the ground in Iraq continues to improve, I urge you to consider sending your military forces to Afghanistan,” Gates told a meeting of the Southeastern Europe Defense Ministerial, a group of 12 countries that includes Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Macedonia…

Next year, as the Pentagon starts to shift focus to Afghanistan from Iraq, U.S. officials worry NATO allies will see that as an excuse not to meet pledges to commit more resources.

“I want to make sure that everybody understands that the increases in U.S. forces are not seen as replacements for NATO contributions. They’re reinforcement,” Gates told reporters traveling with him this week.

Gates is talking to the Southeastern Europe Defense Group. Don’t you love Generals managing troops in a foreign land who call it “defense”?

These clowns run diplomacy like Al Capone ran Chicago.

One thought on “Join us in Afghanistan – you get into NATO

  1. keaneo says:

    There’s a famous military quote about Al Capone being a piker. He only controlled 5 counties in Illinois while the Marines managed Central America for United Fruit Company.

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