It’s an ill wind that etc…

A Boston psychologist says his profession has seen an upswing in business as the nation’s economic woes have worsened.

Psychologist Jim Grubman said while financial advisers and other wealthy citizens are struggling to make money during the ongoing economic crisis, psychologists are getting requests from more clients than they can handle…

Grubman told the Boston Globe many of his new patients are individuals in the financial sector who are so used to success they cannot cope with sudden economic problems.

“Many are perfectionists and many are feeling very bad because they’re doubting themselves and their skills,” Grubman said. “It’s terrifying … I’ve seen them lose tens of millions of dollars over the course of the last nine months.”

Sudden Loss Syndrome, eh? Consider that most of the money these parasites have been losing belonged to people who actually earned it working for a living.

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