Outdated U.S. air-traffic network wastes fuel and time

A World War II-era air traffic network that often forces planes to take longer, zigzagging routes is costing U.S. airlines billions of dollars in wasted fuel while an upgrade to a satellite-based system has languished in the planning stages for more than a decade.

The $35 billion plan would replace the current radar system with the kind of GPS technology that has become commonplace in cars and cell phones. Supporters say it would triple air traffic capacity, reduce delays by at least half, improve safety and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

An Associated Press analysis of federal and industry data found that if the new system were already in place, airlines could have saved more than $5 billion in fuel this year alone.

The government does not expect to have it up and running until the early 2020s, and without a major commitment, supporters warn that even that goal might be not be attainable

The planned satellite-driven network, dubbed NextGen, would save fuel by ditching radar technology that is more than 50 years old and enabling GPS-equipped planes to fly the shortest route between two points: a straight line.

Some of this crap goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan. Bozo solidified his base with Libertarians and so-called Reagan Democrats by cutting the heart from half the useful programs the country had in place when he took office. It took a decade or so to makeup for his voodoo economics.

Living in a land where politics is overwhelmingly premised on the huckstering skills of professional liars is pretty frustrating. It never has required rocket science analysis to understand some of these needs more than three months out.

One thought on “Outdated U.S. air-traffic network wastes fuel and time

  1. Charlie 22 says:

    This is characteristic of a great nation in decline. The result of a powerful nation more enmeshed in imperial stupidity than leadership, greed and complacency than competition.

    The idiots in charge of the asylum would outsource sex if it meant an extra penny profit. In another 20 years, we’ll find air traffic worldwide using Chinese hardware and software – and pilots using English as the language of communication only as an archaic habit.

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