Priest gave children hands-on sex ‘lessons’

Two men who say they were molested as teens by the Rev. Donald McGuire testified Friday that the now-defrocked priest convinced them that they were “addicted” to masturbation and needed to be “educated” on how to stop it.

The “education” included looking at sexually explicit magazines such as Playboy and Playgirl and watching X-rated films.

The Rev. Donald McGuire, 78, a Chicago-based Jesuit priest for most of his career, is charged with taking children across state lines to abuse them.

One alleged victim, identified in federal court only as Dominick, now 22, said McGuire had him masturbate just short of climax. Now married and living in Rochester, N.Y., said he felt guilty about masturbating twice a week as a 13-year-old.

“It was new to me, and I was scared about it,” said Dominick. McGuire told the teen that “if I didn’t master this, I would go to hell,” said Dominick…

Both alleged victims said McGuire had them give him massages that included rubbing his genitals. Dominick alleged that McGuire put oil on the boy’s penis, examined it with a magnifying glass, and performed oral sex on him.

Nothing quite matches a well-informed, thoughtful religious education.

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