Veterans group rates McCain/Obama voting record

The veterans group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has released a “scorecard” which gives letter grades to members of congress based on their voting record for veterans issues. Senator John McCain received a D, while Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden both received a B.

According to the group’s Website, the grades were based off of how many times a member of Congress voted along the same line as the IAVA’s own position on 22 key votes affecting veterans (nine in the Senate and 13 in the House).

The report also features a list of the best and worst voting records on such issues.

I’ve seen the director of the IAVA, Paul Rieckhoff, on TV a few times in recent months – saw him mention this study in passing, last week, and looked up this story about it.

The IAVA doesn’t especially endorse political candidates; but, is willing to confront a hypocrite like McCain who prattles about his war stories as if he’s speaking for all veterans when, in fact his record on veterans’ needs sucks.

One thought on “Veterans group rates McCain/Obama voting record

  1. moss says:

    Opposing American militarism for decades, I still have respect for war veterans. Face it. A lot of them ended up on my side.

    Reading around the IAVA site, it appears a majority of current Middle Eastern war veterans + a majority of those currently stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq donate more to Obama than McCain.

    I hope they keep that level of perception when they re-enter civilian life.

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