Abu Dhabi opens a hub for a range of Western media

A spate of companies have announced that they were setting up shop in Abu Dhabi, an island city that is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The companies are CNN, the book publishers HarperCollins and Random House, the BBC, The Financial Times and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charity arm of the financial news giant Thomson Reuters.

Officials from these companies joined local officials in Abu Dhabi on Sunday to announce they would take space on a new 200,000-square-meter campus, called the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, that the government is building for foreign media companies.

The campus is intended to be an incubator that will mix Western media companies with billions in Middle Eastern oil money. It will offer training programs for journalists and filmmakers from the region but, more important, it will be a base for Western companies to do business in the region — and at the same time help the Abu Dhabi government reach its goal of becoming a cultural and media center of the Middle East.

At least a paragraph devoted to each firm in the article. Enough to get you started on our own research and analysis.

The nutballs who think media should be controlled by governments run like theocracies will quiver and quake, probably wet their knickers over the prospect of additional uncensored reporting coming from the Middle East and South Asia.

Of course, I’m still waiting for DirecTV to get off their rusty dusty and carry Aljazeera English.

2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi opens a hub for a range of Western media

  1. moss says:

    Bad enough DirecTV is candyass about offering Aljazeera English, cripes, they don’t offer BBC World News either, HiDef 24/7.

    And they dropped the best source for Chinese markets – CCTV9. Relying on a webcast for Biz China sucks.

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